Solutions for Businesses with Legacy Software

Remember the story of the emperor’s new clothes?

Here’s the IT systems integration version.

Once upon a time there was an IT director of a fine rapidly expanding enterprise, made up of numerous entities.
He had good reason to be very pleased with himself. Everything looked just beautiful, individually. But together? Well, nothing seemed to match.

Then one day along came a couple of smart operators who said, “Look we can make you the finest suite of software in the land.  Get rid of that old stuff, this new suit is so special only really, really clever people can see it.”   Is this starting to sound familiar?

To cut a long story short, he ended up, losing the valuable asset he had, totally fleeced, humiliated, horribly embarrassed, with a fairly unpromising career outlook.

At Global Integration you don’t get anything you can’t see, feel and know that it works.

For qualifying projects we take all the up font risk by offering you a FREE Proof Of Concept (POC) that aims to do two things:
First, we will demonstrate how quickly Extreme Rapid Application Development (RAD) and Integration technologies such as Intersystem’s Caché and Ensemble can solve your systems challenges.  We also do this in your own working environment, using your data in less than a week.  No smoke and mirrors or fancy talk.

You and your staff get a first-hand view of how and why this amazing technology can be used to multiply the current advantages already existing in your considerable IT assets.  You literally feel it and touch it and try on like a new a suit so you know it fits before you take another step.  And so far it wont hasn’t cost you a thing.

Then, once the POC is successfully completed Global Integration will proceed to scope a prototype or an initial project. The aim here is to teach, mentor and guide you and your staff throughout the process so you are free to move forward as soon as it suits you.

Our highly qualified and experienced software development team has an absolute commitment to be the best in their field, constantly updating skills while researching and developing new ways to implement the exclusive software tools at our disposal to your advantage.

With nearly 30 years experience dealing with life and death mission critical systems in the most complex and demanding environments you can have faith that taking disparate legacy systems into a new era is right up our alley.

Regardless of the state or heterogeneity of your current data storage configuration, our powerful development  systems can take the data across a multitude of platforms and architectures to remove data inconsistencies, duplications and redundancies without changing any existing data repositories unless it is economical or beneficial to do so.  But the choice is yours. Call us today for a no-obligation chat to see if we are a good fit to work with you and solve your problem.

So, What’s Your Next Step?

Call our office now on 1800 468478 (INTGR8) to Contact Us to discuss how we can assist you with your software development and integration challenges.