Big Data Integration

Global Integration Makes Big Data Integration Affordable, Fast, and Easy.

Data IntegrationBig data integration is a key operational challenge for today’s enterprise IT departments. IT groups may find their skill sets, workload, and budgets over-stretched by the need to manage terabytes or petabytes of data in a way that delivers genuine value to business users.

Big Data is of little value if you can’t extract meaningful insight from your data – in real time – to inform decisions, drive actions, and change outcomes. Most organizations aren’t getting that insight, because as much as 95% of the world’s data is trapped in unstructured forms, like text and images – putting it beyond the scope of conventional database and analytics technologies. Our solution unlocks the valuable information in unstructured data (e.g., doctor’s notes, insurance or police reports, news articles, “comments” or other text fields) giving users access to insights from all enterprise data, helping them make better decisions.

You’ll make breakthroughs with our Big Data platform. Traditionally, analytics is used with structured data, “slicing and dicing” numbers. But the traditional approach also involves creating and maintaining a data warehouse which can only provide a historical view of data. Our solution is embeddable software that makes it easy to enhance transactional applications to provide real-time analytics, giving users insights exactly when and where they need they them. No data warehouse is required.

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