Proof of Concept Application

If you’re buying a new car, you take a test drive. If you’re buying a new suit you try it on. So if you’re buying a concept in which your whole business will rely shouldn’t you be able to ‘try it on’ first?

To demonstrate the rapid development and rapid integration capabilities of Ensemble, we conduct proof-of-concept projects for free, for selected companies. If you’d like your organization to be considered for this free offer, please fill out and submit our proof-of-concept project application.

At Global Integration we understand the risks you face, which is why we offer you FREE Proof of Concept allowing you to test drive a working model of your project using your own unique data, in your own unique environment – at no charge – no risk.

Before you part with any money you’ll have something real and demonstrable to share with stakeholders, decision makers even clients making the final ‘big decision’ much, much easier for everyone.

To get the ball rolling simply fill in the form right now, today. We will then contact you to arrange a no-obligation consultation where we can more fully assess your situation, and determine if our solution is a good match for your needs.

The Global Integration Industry Leading 90 DAY FULL REFUND Guarantee

We’re so confident we even guarantee it. At Global Integration we’re totally focused on providing you with systems and service to your absolute satisfaction.

We’re so committed we offer an incredible money back guarantee:

If we fail to meet your performance and functional specifications you can simply return the software within 3 months of completion for a FULL REFUND of all licence fees.

So, What’s Your Next Step?

Call our office now on 1800 468478 (INTGR8) to Contact Us to discuss how we can assist you with your software development and integration challenges.