Software Integration

Using a state-of-the-art integration platform to create more value from your existing systems.

Would You Like to Profit from a Rapid Integration Platform Proven to Significantly Improve Efficiencies of Existing Applications and Data Stores…in Half the Time it Normally Takes… Without Rewriting Thousands of Lines of Code?

Over the years your business would have accumulated a number of separate IT systems, each with its own functionality and reporting system. As a result you may be finding it increasingly frustrating to get the information you need without the laborious process of logging in and out of several systems.

When it’s time to replace one of your software systems, you will find that every other system it communicates with will require a new interface to the system being replaced.

Given this situation, your IT department is likely to spend more time on systems and data integration than on development tasks. Also with each new development project, you would draw out the information and processes required from your systems. This results in a patchwork software solution which is fragile, expensive and a never-ending nightmare when trying to keep up to a constantly changing systems environment.

Apart from being expensive, data integration ties down your IT professionals who have expert knowledge about the proprietary integration technology. It diverts their attention from development activities which contribute to your business profits.

In hyper-competitive business environments, data integration needs to occur as close to real-time as possible to provide speedy responses to critical events. Few vendors are able to rise to this challenge. Most assemble a stack of discrete, proprietary technologies in the hope of addressing a uniform framework.

That’s where we differ. Instead of completely re-engineering your existing applications and databases, our technology solution will be able to integrate these on a single web-based platform…a fusion of an application, integration, and data server. You will experience an integrated development environment and a toolkit, allowing developers to easily create dynamic server pages that can be ported into their own choice portal environment.

The benefits to your organisation are:

  • Web-based portal for easy access and management from anyplace
  • Improves the accuracy of reporting within the organisation by eliminating manual data exchanges which are prone to error
  • Identifies and captures vital information in messages which pass through systems…for more accurate analysis of data in near-real time leading to better decision making
  • Assists with enterprise-level decision making through the creation of reports reflecting data across the entire business…as each individual system is interfaced and connected to the ESB
  • Minimises the number of point-to-point interfaces required to be developed, tested and managed…saving you time and cost
  • Enables better decision making with an enterprise-wide view of your customer
  • Reduces complexity – when each individual system has one interface with the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), only this one needs to be updated during a system upgrade or replacement
  • Compatible with Java and .NET. Supports orchestration and Web services protocols and standards, including XML, WSDL, SOAP, UDDI, and BPEL4WS, J2EE, JDBC, ODBC, and COM

If you’re concerned about risking your investment in integrating data systems which may not deliver the results you expect, contact us for a no-obligation discussion. We’ll then determine if our solutions are suitable for your organisation…and whether you qualify for our FREE Proof of Concept demonstration.

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