HL7 interfaces with connectivity to move clinical information between systems and integrate with Australia’s PCEHR.

Can Your IT System be relied on to Extract Accurate Healthcare Data from Multiple Sources in time to Save a Patient’s Life?

Whether it’s a life threatening emergency or treatment for any other ailment, prescribing the right treatment relies on the accuracy and speed at which a patient’s data can be extracted. If your IT systems are fragmented and ageing, they could be standing in the pathway of managing a patient’s treatment.

Connectivity, aggregation, security, information sharing, integration of unrelated information systems, reconciling clinical data are just some of the challenges your IT systems may be grappling with…impacting the level of care a patient receives.

That’s not all. The Australian Federal government has introduced the Personality Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR). This initiative will increase the sharing of information…and help in reducing costs through elimination of duplicate tests and prescriptions. Doctors and other healthcare providers will now have to connect to the PCHER to load medical information.

Many IT software development vendors provide ad hoc solutions which don’t adequately address the stringent requirements for performance and reliability.

The solutions we provide are based on proven technology relied on by 3,000,000 licensed users worldwide.

Some of the reasons why healthcare providers rely on us are:

  • Clinicians access to the PCEHR is based on a proven application designed for demanding healthcare environments not a portal written for this purpose
  • The patient record database structure is based on an information model successfully tested in hospitals, clinics and community settings all over the world, eliminating the fear the solution will not meet requirements of the organisation
  • The platform is designed for rapid integration of clinical and demographic information drawn from diverse sources…with particular emphasis on HL7
  • The core database and integration technologies are built to support rapid development, easy customization and enormous scalability
  • The eHealth solutions we provide are based on software products being used by leading healthcare institutions globally, many of whom have reported significant improvement in patient care and safety…with appreciable reductions in costs.
  • Performance standards meet the demands of connected healthcare environments

If you want to be part of the worldwide community of healthcare organisations able to offer the highest standards of coordinated care with a proven system capable of easily aggregating comprehensive patient records, exchange information across diverse platforms and enable clinicians make decisions using near real-time data, maybe it’s time to consider our breakthrough eHealth solutions.

To put your mind at ease, we guarantee results, so your investment is fully protected. We urge you to contact us for a no-obligation discussion. We’ll then determine if our solutions are suitable for your organisation…and whether you qualify for our FREE Proof of Concept demonstration.

So, What’s Your Next Step?

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