Customised Software Applications

Customised Software projects completed in weeks, not years, connected into your existing systems right from the start.

Do Rigid IT Systems Make it Difficult to adapt to Constantly Changing Market Conditions…Seriously Threatening to Impact Your Organisation’s Competitive Edge?

If your aged IT system labours to keep up with the demands of business growth, it could be the right time to upgrade to a flexible, agile system…with the power and capability to accommodate rapid development and provide the opportunity to benefit from significant cost savings.

Instead of focusing solely on automating processes and transaction systems, what’s important is to give your users the breakthrough experience they have been exposed to when using computers outside of the work environment such as social networking.

To achieve this kind of breakthrough experience, we build your applications based on three important aspects.

Enabling Mass Personalisation Extracting the right data quickly from a maze of systems can be difficult and frustrating. This is one of the reasons why we give primary importance to enabling different users, with different devices easily find the data they need …in a format which facilitates decision making.

Moving away from the complicated approach of piling layers and layers of software, we build a simple and scalable solution at the centre. The result is data can be easily transformed and dispensed, regardless of the form factor of the interface of the user.

Data Unlocking Applications built on transactional systems focus on numeric data stored as rows and columns. Generally this is just 5% of the data in an organisation. Most information is stored in the form of notes, text and other unstructured forms of content. This means 95% of vital information is locked up.

When building your applications, we enable data stored in multiple formats to be extracted quickly and easily at a central access point. Unlocking data which may not apparently be interesting but critical to decision making significantly improves efficiency and leads to productivity gains.

Driving Intelligent Action In most organisations business intelligence is an activity that occurs after an event. To drive intelligent action, what’s required is a system which can provide an insight at the point of action so intelligent actions can be taken straightaway.

We combine quantitative and unstructured qualitative data to facilitate analysis close to real-time. You will be able to embed the analysis into the actual application being used, rather than waiting for a report at the end of the month to take action.

Four important reasons why our platform for building breakthrough applications stands out:

  • You can manage all the information in one place. No more logging in an out of multiple systems to find the information you want
  • The system is simple, scalable and robust. You no longer have to worry about upgrading to a new system as your business grows
  • Super connectivity like never before. Connect to other applications, users within the orgainsation or the community…makes it faster and less complicated to find the right data
  • Near real-time insights great improve accuracy in decision making…leads to significant productivity and cost benefits for your organisation.

If you are ready to make a shift from the unproductive deployment of time and resources in operations to investing in strategic projects which can add value to your business, give us call or contact us to see how partnering with us can give your business the advantage you seek. We’ll then determine if our solutions are suitable for your organisation…and whether you qualify for our FREE Proof of Concept demonstration.

So, What’s Your Next Step?

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