Client Support

We recognise that different customers want different levels of support and training and our range of support options can be tailored to suit you. We are used to providing 24×365 support to mission critical systems. Our most extreme incident was when we helped a client recover from having their servers stolen – and after 27 hrs continuous effort had them up and running again without any loss of data.

Compare Basic and Premier Support Benefits

Support Plan Features Premier
Basic Support Updates only
Online Client Support
Knowledge Base
Online User Forums
Notifications and Alerts
Documentation updates ***
Telephone support during normal business hours
Online support request during normal business hours
4 hour response
8 hour response
Client contact points 3 1
24 x 7 telephone support

After hours pager support for severity 1 and 2 issues only

Remote monitoring and diagnosis
Hot fixes and point releases
Service packs
New versions
Installation support for upgrades and new versions

***Not all documentation is made available when no support plan is in place

Email Technical Support

Global Integration accepts email requests from clients at the following email address:

When using this direct method of support contact, please use the template form provided and include the following information for prompt replies:

  • Product name and version number (in the email subject line).
  • Service request number if this is a continuation of an existing request (in the email subject line).
  • Organisation name, primary point of contact (name and phone number).
  • Brief description of the problem

Service Request Severity / Response Times

The table below outlines the available severity levels of service requests, the recommended method of contact for each severity level and associated targeted response time.

Please note that these are targeted response times and not indicative of resolution times. Targeted response times only apply to service requests submitted during Support hours.

Severity Level Description Preferred Contact Method Response Times
System Offline System is inoperable or not functioning Phone Premier Support:
Normal Hours: Immediate to 4 hours
After Hours: 2 hours*
Basic Support:

Normal Hours: Immediate to 8 hours

Critical Business outage or significant impact threatening future productivity. Very difficult to work around; system is somewhat usable. Phone or online Premier Support:
Normal Hours: Immediate to 4 hours
After Hours: 2 hours*
Basic Support:

Normal Hours: Immediate to 8 hours

Standard Problem impact is high; production is proceeding but in an impaired fashion. Workarounds are available Phone or online Premier Support:
Normal Hours: 4 hours

Basic Support:
Normal Hours: 8 hours

Minor Issue does not have significant current productivity impact. Examples: product enhancements, usage questions, and cosmetic problems. Online Premier Support:
Normal Hours: 8 hours

Basic Support:
Normal Hours: 8 hours

* Important Note
After hours Premier Support request calls are processed by a rostered mobile phone service. This can delay the normal response of ‘immediate’ but call backs will be made within 2 hours. Premiere support includes access to 24 hour assistance, however

Product Updates

General product updates are developed, tested and released by Global Integration to address known issues, platform currency and enhancements to product functionality. These updates are commonly referred to as hotfixes, service packs and upgrades and are available from the Global Integration website.

When the resolution of a support issue requires a hotfix or patch, these can also be made available through the following mechanisms:

  • E-Mail from Global Integration
  • FTP Site (client assigned password protected)

Nature of Technical Support

Technical Support is intended to assist, troubleshoot and resolve specific issues resulting from use of software products on a supported platform with all pre-requisites met.

Technical Support for supported products is available via a variety of contact methods, which include a product knowledge base, online support request and telephone support during scheduled support hours for current software versions.

Global Integration reserves the right to request that a customer upgrade to the current product version to resolve a known problem or technical issue. The provision of technical support does not imply that Global Integration will fix software defects or make changes to previous versions of the software.

The following items are NOT generally supported:

  • Operating systems and third party applications
  • Continued support for issues, which Global Integration has provided corrections not implemented by the customer or data requested from the customer but not provided
  • Enhancement requests
  • Pre-release versions of software
  • Free or no-cost software products and tools
  • Alterations or revisions to software made by the customer or a third party
  • Corrections to data, backup operations or systems management.


The following rates are our rates and fees for casual and ad-hoc work. Significant projects are always delivered on a competitive fixed fee based on our delivery performance. In addition, for qualified projects, we offer to supply systems for a fixed monthly rental with no up-front costs.

Hourly rate Daily rate
Trainer $ 115 $ 920
Support (telephone or remote) $ 100 $ 800
Analyst/Programmer $ 180 $1,440
Senior Developer $ 240 $1,920
Business analyst $ 240 $1,920
Project manager $ 225 $1,800
Senior Manager/ Specialist $ 310 $2,480

On-site attendance: travel time + expenses (at cost+5%)

Rates listed here do not include GST or other applicable taxes. Please contact us for a better rate on fixed projects.

Product Life Cycle

All products go through the following phases during its lifecycle; the length of each phase may vary according to the specific product. These phases include:

  • Beta – new product, pre-release (optional)
  • General Release – new product version releases
  • Continued Support – for previous product
  • Decommissioning – period for the previous product version

Life Cycle Phases and Corresponding Support

The particular life cycle phase of a product affects the level of support available. This is detailed below:

Beta – During the beta phase of a product’s life cycle, Global Integration will provide support during normal working hours for the product.

General Release – ‘Current’ – For all products in the ‘General Release’ phase of the lifecycle, Global Integration will provide support and maintenance, which will allow you to choose the most appropriate level of support for your organisation. Maintenance will consist of maintenance releases, service packs and/or hotfixes. Hotfixes and service packs are not available for all products.

Continued Support – ‘Supported’ – Once a new version becomes available, Global Integration will no longer actively develop new fixes or service packs for the previous release (note; hotfixes and service packs are not available for all product lines). Global Integration reserves the right to request that the customer upgrade to the current version, (available only with a current support plan agreement. For an additional 12 months, Global Integration may offer limited support on that version – answering usage questions only. Providing technical support does not imply that Global Integration will fix software defects or make changes to the software.

Decommissioning Period – ‘Withdrawn’ – Following the end of the published version support availability time period, Global Integration will no longer provide support for the previous version (see “Support Withdrawal Date”). Knowledge Base articles will remain available for a period beyond this withdrawal date.

End of Life Products – ‘End of Life’ – Effectively, Global Integration no longer sells these products. Global Integration will continue to offer technical support for the Products until the earlier of (1) the expiration date of your maintenance contract, or (2) the date selected as “End of Life” for the product. Global Integration will continue to provide the same level of technical support you currently enjoy with the following exceptions:

  • If a product defect is found and verified, Global Integration Technical Support will document and evaluate the defect.
  • Where a workaround for the issue exists, Global Integration will not provide programmatic fixes for the Products. Workarounds that may cause performance issues, scalability issues, or are labour intensive for the customer are considered valid workarounds.
  • In the event that the issue requires functional enhancements to the product, please be advised that Global Integration will not provide further enhancements for the Products. This means that Global Integration will not develop additional features and/or functionalities for the Products.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I contact Global Integration for assistance?
    Email the Global Integration team: support[at] Please include your contact information as well as the specific products in question. Template forms should be used to provide all required information and avoid delays in responding to your request.
  • How will I know if my organisation’s Maintenance or Support Agreement is near expiration?
    The Global Integration Team will provide notification to your organisation approximately 90 AND 45 days prior to the expiration of the then current maintenance term (“Expiration Date”). This notification will include your annual renewal charges for the forthcoming year. Support Contract details are also listed on your on-line support site web pages.


If payment or purchase order has not been received by the Expiration Date, access to authenticated online support areas will automatically expire and cannot be reinstated until a renewal order has been completed.

If payment has not been received within 35 days following the Expiration Date, support and maintenance services will be automatically suspended and Global Integration will send a formal notification stating that payment must be received or the maintenance on the licenses will be terminated in 10 days.

If no payment or purchase order is received within 45 days of Expiration Date, Global Integration will terminate the maintenance and send a formal Termination Notice.

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